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TV Listing Schedule

The programmes with a * indicate each week's repeated programmes

November 2017
Mon 6th
Improve Your Buildings in Watercolour with Geoff Kersey
Watercolour in a Weekend – Landscapes with Frank Halliday
Acrylics: The Watercolour Alternative with Charles Harrington
Learn To Paint Vibrant Watercolours No.1 with Hazel Soan
Mon 13th
Learn To Paint Buildings with Richard Taylor
Learn To Paint Vibrant Watercolours No.2 with Hazel Soan
RTP Venice in Acrylics – Grand Canal in Mist with Wendy Jelbert
Painting No.1 with Keith Fenwick
Mon 20th
Painting No.2 with Keith Fenwick
Cley Mill with Geoff Kersey
RTP Venice in Acrylics – Spirit of Venice with Wendy Jelbert
Dunes at Oxwich Bay with Arnold Lowrey
Mon 27th
Painting No.3 with Keith Fenwick
Ready to Paint Bluebell Wood with Terry Harrison
RTP Venice in Acrylics – Bridge Reflections with Wendy Jelbert
Bluebell Wood with Geoff Kersey

October 2017
Mon 2nd
Watercolour As If By Magic No.4 with Geoff Kersey
African Watercolours with Hazel Soan
Wildlife in Pastel No.7 – Lion with Vic Bearcroft
Watercolour Problems and Solutions with Trudy Friend
Mon 9th
Watercolour As If By Magic No.5 with Geoff Kersey
Barn in Winter with Geoff Kersey
How to use Watersoluble Pencils No.1 with Wendy Jelbert
Improve Your Light with Peter Woolley
Mon 16th
Watercolour As If By Magic No.6 with Geoff Kersey
Improve Your Boats with Ian King
How to use Watersoluble Pencils No.2 with Wendy Jelbert
Improve Your Brushwork with Hazel Soan
Mon 23rd
Painting Outside The Lines with Linda Kemp
Improve Your Paintings from Photographs with Margaret Evans
Seasonal Landscapes No.1 with Keith Fenwick
Flowers in Watercolour with Wendy Tait
Mon 30th
Improve Your Skies with Geoff Kersey
Improve Your Sunsets with Patrick Howe
Seasonal Landscapes No.2 with Keith Fenwick
Chinese Watercolour Techniques with Lian Quan Zhen

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